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bydontregartha, July 2, 2014
Force Complete Profile
For a free extension, this rocks.
I needed it for a site where I had batch created users and emailed them with a temporary password.
The plugin prevents them doing ANYTHING until they update the password - then it leaves them alone.
Had a slight configuration issue, but the support was quick and accurate.
bydontregartha, April 14, 2012
Not the prettiest plug in, but it DOES work. I've tried quite a few uploaders and they fall over at the slightest csv issue (often they won't import the file hey just EXPORTED!).

This plug in however, just works.

Probably needs a bit of interface TLC, but if it works then I'll live with that.

Well done.
bydontregartha, September 20, 2011
RSform Pro
After using other forms creators, I tried RSformsPro and it was an eyeopener.

No more spending an hour creating the form and linking it to the database table and never knowing quite who would get the emails, the forms wizard gets you going ASAP. And you can still edit the source if you want.

Tech support is fast and friendly.

I recommend it 100%
bydontregartha, July 4, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
This works as expected and more. One thing not clear in the set up and documentation is the need to edit the htaccess file. Rapid response from tech support got us up and running.

Bonus result of this app is you can see the broken links and spot malicious attack attempts on your site.
bydontregartha, April 8, 2011
JCK Editor
I've used JCK and its predecessor FCK for 18 months now and I've only switched to another editor once, and then only for 5 minutes.

As an advanced user, it has all the tools I need.

For my clients its an easy to use and very powerful tool for them to build their content pages.

The new tool bar is cleaner and more intuitive.

If you haven't tried it, download it now and enjoy.

Well done.
Owner's reply

Dear dontregartha, thank you for your kind comments.

bydontregartha, June 4, 2010
First rate email and live support