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bydorjano, October 7, 2011
Udja Comments
In the Comments CPanel where are listed all comments there's a "View Everything" link. Clicking on it you get more info about the comment. I particularly love the "Comment Url" link since this is the only way to see to which article the comment belongs. BUT, BUT THERE'S A BUG!
The link is badly formatted and it points you to a 404 error page. Although the article id is correct the whole link is a mess.

Could a developer correct his small bug?!

BTW, Excellent commenting system highly recommended
bydorjano, May 15, 2011
Awo Email Login
I do believe that a username is less friendly than my old, used for ages, e-mail. So it does make sense to use something that you really use on a daily base for a login. This plugin does just that! In the Username field you can enter either a username (easy forgetable) or your registration e-mail address. This is a good part. The bad part is that the Username field during registration is still mandatory... but this is due to the Joomla "heritage" not a plugin's flaw.
Thumbs up to the author!
bydorjano, May 29, 2009
Content Templater
I have downloaded quite a few (500+) excellent extensions for Joomla on my PC in a designated Joomla folder. Every extension has it own sub folder with the same name. I have to say that I had to rename Your component starting with !!!! so the folder is now on the top of all folders. I think that no further comment is necessary.

bydorjano, February 3, 2007
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Well I think that this component has a very promising path. However at this point I prefer FacileForm it has a real GUI, a very good graphical layout form creator which Fabrik doesn't. Author claims that Fabrik is a novice-nonprogramer friendly but actualy it isn't. In such a "program" the docs are a must. It's very dificult to figure out what to do without any decent documentation. No examples whatsoever. No workflow explained, no nothing. Author claims that he is giving us a space shuttle but without a docs on how to use it. So for a nonprogramer/novice this compo is useless.