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bydotcom22, December 16, 2013
Dropdown Articles
I was looking for display some articles in dedicated module and the default Joomla Articles Category module was not adapted for my case. I tested some others modules and this Dropdown Article module is more less what I wanted. Easy to configure and use, he work very well and is perfect for my site. Very useful for display article title in compact manner. Many thank to developer for this excellent and free addon!
bydotcom22, December 8, 2013
Google Maps by Reumer
Versatile, flexible and cross-browser compatible. Don't loose your time to look for another plugin this is the one you will probably need. Lot documentation available for help to well integrate your Maps. A bunch of settings for perfect customization.
bydotcom22, March 21, 2011
I wanted display a module only in some pages conditionally with some specific rules without having a true solution for that. I discover Metamod and decide to give a try.. Using the recipe code provided by Stephen the developer I'm now able to do what I want...

I just make a little mess with my Menu Assignment and I asked Stephen in his forum more infos. In less than 12 hours I get a detailed reply about my problem...

This module and the support is rock!! Thank again Stephen.
bydotcom22, February 16, 2011
This component work very well and is the only one who are really a full banner management. Of course it is simple and look like the default Joomla Banner component...anyway I don't need more. The killer feature is the fact we can display banners according to the language used on the site (using Joomfish) and is what I looking for.. Ads can be often annoying for users...but annoyance is very increased when ads is displayed in a language not understandable for end users. Andrew the developer give a very nice and fast support. Recently I suggest (some other people ask also the same thing) to him to add the ability to see "Banners stats" from frontend.. In just few weeks this feature was planned and must normally be released very soon... Many thank for this great stuff !!
bydotcom22, April 27, 2010
Just installed and test...Can be useful for propose to users a password generator...Anyway it was not what I thinking...A great value for this stuff would be to force users to choose a strong password (when they subscribe to the site or when they update they password) instead giving a simple password suggestions...For example a method to force users to include a least a number and uppercase character...
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review and your suggestions. I will think about it.

Alfred Bösch

bydotcom22, April 8, 2010
R3D Floater
Just install and test...Work well and simple to configure...In fact I was on the JED for try to find a module/plugin like this one but for display a sticky message inside Backend and not Frontend..I would like be able to show some message to my Admin users when they are in some place in Backend but no addon seem to do that...Hope this will be possible in future maybe with this module...
bydotcom22, March 22, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Just install and test...Seem to work without problem..great:-) Many thank for this free stuff... Anyway I would like to have possibility to customize the module suffix who is actually not available. I would like typically insert this social icons on bottom of my pages WITHOUT any template style... Hope you will add suffix option soon...All the best
Owner's reply

hi, thx for the review, suffix option is added as requested, cheers

bydotcom22, December 30, 2009
Contact Enhanced Component
I have try almost all free and paid Form component and this match totally my need. I was searching a simple form for a specific project and this is the best for me. It is very flexible and versatile and Douglas take care to his customer... I like the fact no millions of feature/options is available (sometime very useless when you want simply a form).

A must have..Thank Douglas !!
bydotcom22, November 23, 2009
Just install and test. I like this component because is not a derivate stuff of default com_contact and so is totally independent and is not required to point contacts with Joomla registered users...Who really need a clone of com_contact can use some others components..

The only reason because I don't give maximum rating is because it use 2 captcha system I don't like:

Recaptcha is a third party stuff and require a registration and key for work..and is pretty big with ugly display. Probably is efficient captcha method but maybe too complex for users. The goal of captcha is to avoid spam and bots...not avoid users to submit a form..

BigoCaptcha are simple but can not be well customized and his development seem to be dead. This plugin was before published on the JED but now unpublished for unknown reason.. I don't like too much the "flag effect" of this captcha image. No button or link for reload and ask a new image (in case is not well readable) are present.

Anyway captcha are not developed by AlfContact so if captcha don't fit my need is not the fault of developer...but maybe Alfred can add another more friendly captcha ? :-)

Last point: Since version 1.9 a custom header/footer is is now possible for who need (like me) to add in footer Google Maps using iframe. This is really a great value !
bydotcom22, November 20, 2009
RD-Autos Single Dealer
Just install and test...I need a component like that for a small garage selling they own cars and no more..For this use this component appear to me great and is more less the case..


- Easy to install and use
- Multi-languages


- No SEF url
- Thumbnails not fit the configured size
- No working search module (management make/models ajaxified work sometime yes sometime no)
- No thumb/cars showcase featured or random category module
- And the worst point absolutely no support

With paid version maybe the support are more decent..but I don't need this version because it contain more options useless for me...In my case the free version are quite enough..
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

First of all I wanted to say:
- SEF is coming, but I am also busy. So please hold the line for that.
- The dropdown menus are working properly, tested this on 4 servers. And all without problems.
- Thumbnails problem is fixed in the latest version? What versiopn did you install?
- There is no modle yet for featured vehicles. As you could see in the JED I've ticked the component box only.
- Support? I've never had any mails from you?

bydotcom22, September 15, 2009
JCK Editor
I have switch from JCE to FCKeditor and am very happy with this addon. Very flexible, well supported, simple to install and manage and FREE. The addon consist to a simple plugin when JCE require a component and many other dedicated commercial plugin for extend feature like resize picture and upload files. The new Image Manager are great and permit to perform many task on images.

The only thing must be absolutely added for become the real best editor are probably:

-Ability to remove picture from Image Manager because actually when you upload a picture you can not delete them. The only manner are to use default Joomla Media Manager and this is very annoying.

-Ability to change/customize easily the size or thumbnail when a image are uploaded using Image Manager. Actually only 2 size are proposed by default (550x350 and 1000x1000).

-Ability to create popup image using Slimbox or Modal for example. The problem for implement a popup features are probably the fact this require to manage 3 images for generate a popup...That mean if a user upload an image (most probably a picture coming from a camera and so with a big format size like 2000x900 pixels for example) is necessary to set an intermediate image (the one that will be displayed in popup) and so to choose appropriate size and finally a thumbnail where user will click for display intermediate image. Ability also to choose to not keep the original big image can be nice...this for save disk space and avoid useless files.

Anyway this editor are the best one...should be included in Joomla core instead the poor Tiny editor.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words.