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bydougevans, January 30, 2013
This is truly a plug and play plugin. I have been working in Joomla for several years now and I can say that all the items from NoNumber and Peter are definitely some of the easiest to integrate into websites. And the support (if even needed) is just as great!
bydougevans, June 8, 2012
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I lost a client over trying to utilize this "solution". Really, if this is the best e-commerce solution for Joomla, I'm afraid the future of Joomla is dim. The whole back-end interface is clunky and adjusting the templates is a nightmare. The store MUST look good to encourage people to trust the site but it's like pulling teeth to get there. I'm sorry but in evaluating both the front-end and the back-end, I really cannot think of one good thing to say.
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"adjusting the templates is a nightmare"
Maybe for non joomla templaters.

bydougevans, February 14, 2012
Easy File Uploader
I don't ordinarily do reviews but it was very necessary on this module. I am using this module and the Easy Folder Listing module for a client who needs to post multiple types of files daily for his visitors but doesn't need/want to learn anything about FTP. This is a great solution and the support has been phenomenal. Michael went above and beyond assisting me in troubleshooting a problem that turned out to be something on my own computer. I highly recommend this module and am going to investigate Michael's other modules as well because I know any support I need will be there.