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bydowneastdesigns, August 19, 2010
In order to use this service, they force you to agree to "I will create visible URL link to BlastChat component on my frontpage and allow public access to chat" before you can register your website.

The module is useless. It doesn't figure out who is actually in chat, but who is online on the website, then gives you a little light-up smilie if that user is in chat.

I'm getting pretty desperate for a chat client for my site, but not so desperate to continue using this one... sorry. I'm only looking because some of my users are having issues with jPFChat loading.
Owner's reply

Dear Sir, let us respond to each of your paragraphs individually:

1. what you wrote is incorrect, we require that you create public access to BlastChat component, not to chat itself. The chat administration allows you to fully configure access to chat and rooms (disable guests, etc).

2. this concerns BlastChat WhoIsOnline module (which does not belong under this extension and should not be included in the review), but let me explain module functionality: module does figure out who is online, on top of it it figures out who is chatting. To present online and chatting members, it is natural to show all online usernames and indicate by a smilie usernames of members who are chatting. Of course, module configuration can be adjusted so that it only shows usernames of members who are chatting (not all online members) and smilie can be removed also. (So, module can do and does exactly what your complain about module uselessness was all about)

3. we understand your frustration and we are sorry you judged BlastChat too quickly without either exploring BlastChat features and options more deeply or consulting us about your website chat system requirements and needs. We are always ready and happy to assist in such requests.

To sum it up, based on your review we do not understand why only 2 stars vote would be appropriate as you did not list any real functionality problems. We hope you will take a second look at BlastChat and form new, hopefully better, opinion.

with best regards
BlastChat team