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bydpages, November 26, 2012
A great plugin for handling images. Install it, and then you can upload a single image which can then be resampled to set resolutions for blog views and articles.

I much prefer this approach to the one in the Joomla core which involves creating separate article and thumbnail images. This means it's quite easy for users to generate images of different widths, so losing consistency.

Using jdvThumbs all of the thumbnails in blog views are the same width, and the image itself also acts as a link to the article.

Once in the article, again the image is a consistent width - with an optional slimbox popup if the original uploaded image was larger.

Different sizes can be set for featured articles and articles appearing in mod_custom modules.

Global settings can be overridden for individual images, and the resampling can be set to a bounding box, width, height or a crop of the original.

Likely to be part of my toolbox of standard extensions I install on all of my sites.
bydpages, July 13, 2012
I've got this installed on pretty much every one of my Joomla 1.5 sites. I'm amazed it's the only extension of its type.

Rather than try to create an image gallery plugin, it automatically creates small thumbnails for blog views, and larger images for articles (the advantage of using it in articles as well, is that all the images are a consistent size, so a user can't break a template design if they try to insert a big image).

It's better than using CSS to enforce a size requirement for an thumbnail image, as the plugin resamples to the correct size, saving bandwidth (you don't really want to have to load a 500kb image if you're only using it at 75x75px resolution).

It's simple to use, allowing sizes of images to be set for blog, article and other (those images that don't appear in the com_content component) and can be set to only resize images set with a class "smartresize", or to resize all images except those with the class "nosmartresize".

Individual images sizes for thumbnail images in blog view can still be set in exception cases - useful for images used on a homepage, for example.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to get it to work consistently in Joomla 2.5 - not strictly speaking its fault as it's only advertised for 1.6-1.7 - but it seems to randomly choose which images it works with.

So - essential (in my opinion) for most older sites, but one star knocked off until it works properly in 2.5.
Owner's reply

Thank you for detail review. The new version 1.15 is completely redesigned. The new version is more fast, code more optimized, Highslide and Joomla SqeezBox effects added, fixed the bug of processing images with uppercase characters in file name. New version completely tested for Joomla 2.5

bydpages, March 15, 2012
YouTube Video in Fancybox
I was looking for an extension that would let me display thumbnails of videos in a list view that would then play the video on an article page or in a modal popup, but which also allowed me to put the thumbnail with my own text, rather than the Youtube summary (so it can be more easily translated using JoomFish).

I was starting to despair before finding this plugin, but it does exactly that. You can save each video as a separate article, together with your accompanying text, so there's no messing about with playlists or xml files, you're just using the Joomla core, so can control the number of items appearing in your list, and the paging.

It uses the full URL to the Youtube video rather than the more standard {youtube}video reference{/youtube}, so you do have to be a little careful if you're using JCE, which will convert full URLs to links if you don't enter them in code view or with the JCE visual editor turned off. If you leave them as links, then the thumbnails will appear twice with a little leftover HTML showing. But, as it's a one-click operation to unlink again in JCE, that's not too big a deal for me.

The plugin gives control over the size of the thumbnails on the page and the video in the modal popup, which script to use for the popup, and whether or not to load that javascript library (thoughtful, and useful for avoiding jQuery problems with multiple versions), the overlay colour and opacity, and Youtube controls, so there's a fair bit of flexibility. It's not possible to override global settings on a video-by-video basis (as you can with AllVideos), but again that's not an issue for me as I like consistency, anyway.

The developer responded very quickly to a bug that I reported, and I had a fix the following day, which augurs well for support.

A great little plugin at a very reasonable price!
bydpages, March 13, 2012
Very flexible for repeating events, good base templates that can be customised through overrides in the component itself and HTML overrides, and excellent support.

If you want to use it straight out of the box, it's pretty straightforward, working much as you'd expect a calendar component to work. If you want to get under the hood, there are plenty of hooks to hang your code onto for professional users too.

I've used this on a number of sites, and particularly like the fact that you can edit the output from the various components to put your own classes and ids on elements - makes CSS much easier, and you don't have to go searching through HTML override files to change things.

Some of the layouts are a bit table heavy - the main monthly calendar view couldn't be done any other way, mind - but the weekly, daily, today, and category views use tables quite heavily too. The iconic layout (a paid for add-on) uses them far less, if you are concerned about web standards and accessibility.

There's pretty good integration with JoomFish, with a free extension to provide translations of events themselves, and it's fairly easy to find how to tweak things to be able to translate categories too.

The third-party support is good. I've used DT Register to bolt on to jEvents to provide a simple ticket buying facility for a charity that puts on theatre productions.

I know I mentioned it at the top, but the support is awesome. Geraint seems to prowl the Forums pretty much constantly. I've yet to post a query that's not be answered within a few hours. Usually to find out it's a RTFM error on my part...

The additional (paid-for) additional plugins and templates are also well worth the subscription fee.
bydpages, December 8, 2010
I combined this with a simple image carousel extension to create a Flash-less Splash page for one of my clients - works very well! I'd add the Lightbox (or other modal popup) request so that the transition to and from the splash page can be controlled more.

One more thing to add to the wish-list is to separate out the presentation and follow an MVC model, so that I've got a bit more control via HTML overrides. At the moment, if I want to make a change to the output HTML file, I have to edit code within the mod_splashr.php file itself which, next time I apply an update I'll have to remember to do again.

And I'm sure it's a typo, but the container div id is currently named 'slashpage' - unless those are kind of web sites you work on, obviously ;)

Overall though, a very nice extension to use.
Owner's reply

Native Joomla SqueezeBox modal has been added in the J1.6 version.

bydpages, September 24, 2010
Ignite Gallery
Used this on two sites now, and it's easy to customise from the Joomla back-end, but also pretty straightforward to work out how to create HTML overrides, and tweak the CSS for finer control, which I need to do as a developer.
I'd previously hand-coded sides using MCE so was very used to the flexibility in deciding what tools my users got to use, so was a bit frustrated by the default installed tool.

This gives me all the flexibility I was looking for. Given that the whole point of a CMS like Joomla is to make it easy to update the content (hopefully without breaking or ruining the design!), this should be the first extension you install on any site created, IMHO.
bydpages, September 12, 2008
I've just spent the past month or so evaluating the download components available here, and jDownloads is the one I'm going to be using. For me, the ability to upload a mass of files via FTP and then work my way through them adding in detail is a must - it means half my work can be left overnight. Much easier than uploading files one at a time.

The front end/back end is well thought through. It's very customisable, and yet very straightforward to use. I've not hit any snags, or any issues that I couldn't work out myself, so I've not used the support site yet.

I'd repeat the request for RSS support, or some auto-generation of a newsletter so I can let my users know what's new, but apart from that this hits just about every nail squarely on the head.