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bydpinion, August 4, 2010
I was recently tasked with creating a sitemap for the company website, which was developed in Joomla 1.5. I thought I would give this a shot and am glad I did! A cinch to set up, you simply install it, tell it which menu system you would like to use. Then add a menu item to the sitemap component and like magic the sitemap is generated for you. Saved what could have been a LOT of work for me.
bydpinion, May 7, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Installs easily and setup is very nice. However I have noticed that if I remove/add articles the resulting feed does not display or remove them. This is quite annoying as now if anyone has the feed they will get 404s on some of the feed links. I tried setting the cache to 0 but didn't help. Seems the only way for it to work is to create a brand new feed and then it will show the articles correctly.