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bydpk, July 15, 2014
Fields and Filters
This is the right way to do custom fields and content types in Joomla 2.3-3.x and beyond. You simply add the fields you want and assign them to the content categories where they will be used.

Fields and Filters is the best non-commercial extension of its type, and it's probably the simplest of all CCKs. What is lacking is good English documentation and instructions within the interface. As another reviewer noted, Forms and Fields lacks the following: easy styling of fields, nested/conditional fields, and the ability to get raw field values discretely anywhere.
bydpk, November 3, 2011
Email as Username
This is the best way to get rid of usernames on your Joomla site, thereby simplifying the registration and login process. The usernames are silently filled in with the user's email address, and template overrides eliminate the username field for the core login component and module, as well as third party login and registration extensions (like JomSocial, SAMIlogin, etc.)

You will need to understand or learn the basics of template overrides in Joomla 1.5+ but installation and customization are not difficult. The only drawback is a common one: the developer's site is cluttered, hard to navigate, and short on well-written documentation, but what you need is in there.
bydpk, August 7, 2010
This is an extremely useful plugin as a very simple, lightweight upload/download tool for file sharing on the frontend of your Joomla sites. Unfortunately any new files or folders created with it will have permissions above 755/644. If jsmallfib followed recommended security practices, I would give it 5 stars and an "excellent" rating.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback! The latest version 1.1c (released Aug 17th) makes unix permissions configurable in the plugin backend configuration panel (see the advanced parameters). Default values remain 755/644 for directories/files, but any other ones can now be specified.

bydpk, December 1, 2009
In the past, Remository filled a gap as the only native Joomla 1.5 file repository with variable frontend view/download/upload permission rules. However, it has always had serious shortcomings and the current releases up to now in 2009 have not kept pace with alternative extensions. I would never recommend using Remository now in any circumstances.

Major Flaws:

*Does not do a clean install/uninstall, nor can it install or update all its extensions in a single package.

*Does not use the Joomla menu manager system properly and has no menu views to create. Appears to have major itemID issues which cause pain with common menu systems, core SEF and other SEF systems.

*Non-MVC and default views are extremely poor HTML/CSS.

*Backend interface is extremely cumbersome and poorly designed, making it difficult to manage a big repository with moderately complex permission rules.

*By default files are stored in the database as BLOBs. This is a unique feature, but for various reasons it should not be the default.

*Default icon set is unattractive old Mambo icons.
Owner's reply

I would dispute much of this, and note that the author declined to reply to my email request for more and better details of his claims. A lot of this is opinion and ignores the fact that very many people find Remository a highly functional and valuable application. If the author has specific problems, I can only wonder why they have not troubled to raise them, since Remository has a busy forum as well as a robust ticket system for support.