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bydpminusa, April 30, 2011
After IE9 was released I noticed that my Rokslideshow did not load any more. I needed to find a replacement. I found ShowPlus as a Joomla extension for the excellent Slideshow library from Aeron Glemann.

I implemented this in 1.5.23 today. It clearly states that 1.5.19 or greater J! is needed to employ mootools 1.2.x and enable the compatibility layer these version of J! offer through a system plugin. Turning this on worked as predicted.

I added a labels.txt file for captions and URLs and all went fine. Pretty easy to set it up if you are familiar with J!. I have used it for about 5 years now.

One thing that may need attention is that, when you create a labels file it appears that if there is NOT a line for an image file it will NOT display. Perhaps this needs to be an option to select the behavior you want. This then would be a feature that may be helpful as a filter.

Looking at the code, the author is obviously an advanced, experienced programmer. The code is very complete and professionally done.

I took the time to look at his other extensions for media files. He has some for other image and audio purposes. These look of similar high quality.

Great accomplishment.
bydpminusa, May 23, 2009
I Installed this extension today. It took about 15 minutes to set it up. Works great.

I originally was interested in something that would build a site map for Google. I was able to add a link Google to my Google account, Webmasters Tools Dashboard, my primary goal. Xmap generates the link for you.

This also makes links for site map additions to my menus and articles. You can have multiple site maps, with different menus used to generate a map. You can make mini maps to include as links in various articles if you like. It generates the links for you to paste.

Adding menu items to my sites(s) was straight-forward. Xmap generates the links to paste. It adds an option to the Menu Manager Menu Item Type List to simplify this. Just follow your nose in the Menu Manager.

My only suggestion would be a set of notes, with a sample setup scenario, on the authors website. It is easy to use but does involve a bit of looking around.

If you are brand new to Joomla (I am not), you may get a bit frustrated. If you know the typical use of extensions, components, pop-up windows, etc. your OK.

Thanks for you great extension.
bydpminusa, February 8, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
I was looking for a simple, light weight slide show extension. This was perfect for me.

I found I made a couple of cosmetic changes that were my preferences. I added a pause button and arranged the buttons as bwd, stop, pause, play, fwd. This is the normal order on a video player.

The simplicity of the code and the speed of the slide show are great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an easy extension to get started with.