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bydpodesta, May 9, 2013
BT Background Slideshow
This module worked perfectly for me. I have signed up for all of bowthemes extensions since using this one. Compared to other similar modules for slideshows and content displays, bowthemes versions are the only ones i've found that work straight away.
I have had a minor issue with compatibility with some of the other components on my sites and the guys from bowthemes have fixed it straight away.
bydpodesta, August 11, 2012
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OS Property
This is a true gem. I was pretty skeptical at first mainly because of the price, but it is actually just as feature rich as any of the other property extensions that are many times the price. Not only that I had a small problem and it was fixed within an hour of posting a ticket on a Saturday.It turned out to be a configuration misunderstanding with the slideshow module, you don't use id just enter the id number eg 3. Everything is configurable to suit your own needs. I am very happy.
bydpodesta, June 16, 2010
Ajax Contact
This is the first time i've commented on an extension but just have to as this guys extensions are fantastic and above all his service is incredible. There are regular updates and improvements that are free after you pay the initial price. The contact enhanced component is also a must have to replace the regular joomla one.