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bydraftvader, October 14, 2013
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The amount of time that can be spent in phpmyadmin or heidisql doing this (even with scripts) is all I need to mention to state how wonderful it is to have an option in the control panel.

Total winner!
bydraftvader, October 11, 2013
I have no idea how to rate this plugin. As you read through the description there is no mention of their service. There is also only a "Download" button. Thinking that the description sounded good I decided to install it on my latest dev site hoping for some documentation in the plugin.

Once installed I see "siteid" as an option. Brakes on I head over to their site to discover that the plugin might well be free but the service is a paid service.

Negativity over I would like to add the following for the owner. Your solution does look good and your pricing model isn't outrageous. I did not sign up as I can't trust you because of what I stated above.

Be up front about this supporting a paid subscription service and we might well see this is the positive light that we should.

I will keep an eye on this in the future and may well come back and review again. Good luck with what seems to be a great service.
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.
This plugin is really free, but the service is paid.
I am sorry for that inaccuracy, and I marked it as commercial in plugin's description.

bydraftvader, February 21, 2013
Well done. Nothing extra, everything works and is very logical. You win. Thanks.
I would really like to give this 5 stars. It does work. It has taken me about 5 minutes to get it installed and working. It will look great once I have created my own template for it.


This was released too early. For a start all of the alternative templates produce an error when used. No biggie, I'll make my own, but others will find this a problem.

The documentation is bad. It isn't absent and it does lead you through the process, but I can see that less technically minded people (bear in mind what Joomla! was created for) will give up before they have it installed.

Technically I think it is nearly perfect. I would LOVE to see my content sliding out rather than being revealed, but I'll take this as a free extension. Thanks.
bydraftvader, June 9, 2012
The actual component is simple to integrate into your site as it uses your existing h3 and body classes from your style sheet. The actual set-up is simple enough however I felt the documentation could have been a little more conclusive. It is a shame to see no "readme.txt" yet have a "GPL". It would be perfect to see both. If this extension contained a "readme.txt" in the zip package then it would be a full 5 stars.

In short? Give it a go, it is very nicely put together.
bydraftvader, March 14, 2012
I purchased Joomforce for a client project to provide contact information straight into my client's site. Initially it worked exactly as my client wanted. However my client realised that he wanted the contact e-mailed to him as well. On contacting Jextn I was informed that the component didn't do this. 2 weeks later I received an e-mail from Jextn explaining that I should download the latest version as this fulfilled my requirements....and it does.

Thank you Sam for your support. My only criticism would be that there could have been e-mail to inform me that you were going to rewrite the component with my request...but I'm not going to mark you down for that because your desire and commitment is 5* and so is your component.

Thank you
bydraftvader, October 23, 2011
There are some extensions which EVERY project should have. For me these include JCE, Abivia autocopy, PlaceHere and now JCrawler. Talk about making life easy. This is particularly useful when you have a HUGE site with a stack of data. Life is SO much simpler with this extension.

Simply a "Must Have" extension.
bydraftvader, September 22, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
The demo site will show you what this tool is capable of. It is simple, effective and lightweight. Most importantly, it is truly beautiful straight out of the box and styling is made easy enough for beginners. These people are very talented, but have remembered that other people are just beginners and they have created a tool that addresses this.

Further to all this they are very attentive. Upon installation I noticed it was not pulling in the images (part of my original attraction) from another component. I e-mailed support and, within 1 business day, they have contacted me, tried to do the work for me (not possible, site in dev on localhost), discussed the problem and given me the solution which, it must be noted, lies in the 3rd party component.

Brilliant. My only regret is that I wish I had been this able when I was that young ;)
bydraftvader, November 3, 2010
Custom CSS
I had a simple need for an overflow call on a couple of pages on one of my sites. The design is rigid and works for all the other pages, but some areas the site needs to have more information than the rigid design can hold. Once I had created my custom CSS I just used the {loadposition ...} call in my article and everything works beautifully. So, thank you again.
bydraftvader, April 9, 2009
I NEVER use Joomla! without installing this. A GREAT editor. This makes Joomla! great. Thanks.
bydraftvader, April 9, 2009
Core Design Login
I can see that a number of people have come on here complaining about installation issue and loading times. I have experienced nothing of the sort with this module. Truthfully all extensions require a little work, what do people expect. This is astounding and I was pleasantly surprised to find this as a "non-commercial" module. Excellent work guys, I have your other modules in mind for the future.