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bydrdehart, November 11, 2010
I hardly know how to start with this, but we have senior developers and admins and have been trying to work with this component as it has morphed over the years from Acajoom to jNews. Their website has always been a problem trying to find and keep up with applications, upgrades, and version levels.

The support has been spotty as well, if you happen to catch a developer you can get some real help, but the agents on their "Legendary 27/7 support" chat are generally not knowledgable enough to solve problems beyond sending you an upgraded version. And the really frustrating part is that they are trying to handle so many simultaneous customer support sessions that it is common to wait 5 minutes for a response between messages.

Finally, we have had to throw up our hands after the last two 3-hour sessions with them as they pushed paid upgrades that didn't solve problems (just a lot of new bugs), expressed surprise with error messages, found features and functions that didn't work, and were generally unhelpful.

Moving on...