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bydrewid1, July 5, 2012
This is a simple product to use. The only problem I had off the bat was that Virtuemart doesn't appear in components menu. However, just in case, the fix is that i had xmap installed and had to Log in to the back end, components menu, Xmap, Extensions tab: Xmap - Virtuemart Plugin
bydrewid1, June 22, 2012
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Maybe writing a public review might make the developers more accountable. Also see previous reviewers notes.

When I purchased this component, I thought it was going to be great and releave some issues I was having with sefs on my site. However, what I found was it presented a lot problems than what i originally had. One of the biggest issues is that it doesn't work properly with blogging tools such as K2. This component brakes the RSS feed all it does is reload the page or you get errors.

Don't try to contact support for help as you will get the following:

"Seams that there`s a plugin which is conflicting with sh404sef, you have go to Extensions > Plugin manager > disable your website plugins one by one ( ATTENTION!: Do NOT disable sh404sef plugins ) and see which of them is conflicting with sh404sef."

They do not hold themselves accountable for their product even though you are paying for it, rather, they blame everyone else. That is odd since everything works fine when you turn off sh404sef. wow I guess buyer be ware is you use K2 don't buy this.
Owner's reply

Hi drewid1

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with sh404SEF and support, but I believe I have some answers for you.

When we said "It seems there's a plugin conflicting...", the correct phrase is not "It seems". It is: "We know".
This issue is a known issue, but not a sh404SEF one. Andrew Eddie, one of the main developer of Joomla! has described it here:!topic/joomla-dev-general/S0GYKhLm92A

We tried to explain that to you, but we were not clear enough and the message didn't get through.

Yes, that post by Andrew does not mention K2. That's because the issue can happen with ANY extension. It only requires one or more poorly written system plugin installed on your site. And Yes, the issue will ONLY happen if you use sh404SEF, because sh404SEF creates fully SEF urls for your RSS feeds, and this problem won't happen if your rss feeds urls are not SEF, as is the case with Joomla! SEF for instance.
And yes, we have a setting to solve this, simply leaving the RSS feeds urls non-sef. USe this setting if you accept non-sef urls for your feeds, and don't want or can't get rid of the faulty system plugin.

K2 is extremely well supported in sh404SEF. So much that K2 plugin is actually not provided by the sh404SEF team, but directly by the K2 development team itself, with all sh404SEF params directly set in the K2 control panel.

Let's just say that sh404SEF likes K2 very much, to the point that our own web site is a K2 web site. And it has fully working rss feeds. I don't think I can link to our own web site here, but I'll let you check that by yourself.

Also, you have to recognize at least that support is reacting quickly. You posted for the first time on our forum less than 24 hours ago. And now we already have a review published from you here on JED! Maybe spending a couple more hours would have solved the problem!


bydrewid1, November 19, 2011
Zoo Item Wall
I just purchased this and buyer beware. Listen to the previous reviewers. When installed an published it ends up crashing my website and produces a fatal error. This should not even be sold it's not worth it SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!. This module needs a lot more work.
Owner's reply

Hello, you probably have an outdated version of Zoo installed, please make sure you have the latest and download the extension again from us to get the latest module version as well.

If you are still experiencing problems, please open a support ticket on our site, we have lots of happy customers using our product and we want you to be one of them.

bydrewid1, October 10, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
This product is absolutely phenomenal. I have tried a few nameless contact form extensions and yes, by far this one definitely is one to purchase. Oh, I almost forgot, tech support is great. The techs here stand behind their product and is willing to assist in fixing issues even to the extent of going above and beyond with making sure that all css codes matched perfectly with the template I was using. Overall this is a excellent extension.
bydrewid1, November 7, 2010
I am new to Joomla and have tried a couple of form creation software. This by far is the best one for ease of use, user friendly, and most importantly, extremely fast and efficient tech support response time. This is well worth the purchase.