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RSS Browser
I read over the other reviews and some issues, but decided to give it a try and see for myself. I installed the module as usual and enabled it in the admin panel, refreshed the page and I got the same error message about a problem with line 346 in Simplepie. So following previous examples I looked into Simplepie issue.( takes care of the feeds for joomla)(Joomla is using an outdated version that is not compatible with this module, as the module was built using the latest ver.)
For all who might not know how to fix this. Here is a step by step guide. 1) First go to and grab SimplePie1.13 2) Then setup your joomla installation to except the update. I logged into my joomla site through ftp in Dreamweamer but you can use any ftp program you like. Find the /Library dir then the simplepie folder- rename this folder to something else like simplepie-bak. 3) Create a new folder to replacing the old one and call it simplepie ( this is where you will be copying the new version.) 4) Now go to your downloaded file of Simplepie1.13 and unzip the archive to reveal the contents. 5) copy over the following "idn" folder "create.php" file and most importantly the "" file & the readme.txt and license.txt. to the new simplepie folder you created 6) create a new folder called cache in the root of your Joomla installation if you do not already have one. 7) change the permissions on this folder to (755) to allow server writes. ( for me I right click on the folder and activate the permission dialogue box and input 755 in the window-your ftp program may be different, but instructions should be similar) Now refresh your page with the module activated and you should have a working rss-thick box viewer module-complete with tooltips and rss feeds displaying in a modal window (pop up shaded window via Mootools). This worked for me - instructions may vary slightly for you - but this should be straight forward for most Joomla users.
Great job--on this module, as it cleanly takes care of off-page issues with site visitors reading your feeds. As well all of the included settings make this a must have for displaying news in a left/right column or a whole page).
Owner's reply

Normally, you should not have to do this. RSS Browser comes with its own SimplePie RSS parser and all include paths direct to this version.
Maybe you installed a module which includes Joomla's SimplePie, which may cause conflicts and errors, e.g.
it is NOT recommended to use RSS Browser together with Slick RSS on the same Joomla installation !
Other components and modules using RSS functionality may cause this kind of problems as well.

bydrewman1970, June 10, 2009
S5 Habla Chat
After reading through the few posts I was not sure... But after trying it out on my site, I am delighted with the lightweight approach compared to other extensions. I will admit there were a few hoops to jump, but the on-site documentation on's site was easy to follow--I had a working chat client in 5-10min. Offloading the heavy lifting and using your own ichat, aim, jabber or google talk account fits my needs, as I am using these anyway. Nice Job! Highly reccommended and FREE.