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bydrjjw, January 19, 2014
Look no further, and goodbye xmap. An incredibly versatile and powerful extension. Extremely well thought out. Received custom support. On a Sunday. Within 5 minutes.

Just incredible.
Calc Builder
Absolutely phenomenal component. This is truly what Joomla components should be and easily meets all of:

Backed by excellent support.

Thank-you for this incredible work.
AJAX Register
An excellent extension, which is aust for any registration site. Very responsive support.
bydrjjw, September 2, 2012
Ignite Gallery
No further words required.

An enterprise grade software package.

Basically perfect.
bydrjjw, May 1, 2012
Jacarlin Redirect
Have teated very briefly. But this does precisely what it is supposed to!

bydrjjw, September 13, 2011
AjaxRegistration Pro
Fantastic enhancement to the core extension.

Incredible, quick support.

Should be a Joomla core extension
bydrjjw, January 7, 2011
One of a handful of Joomla components that really allows the CMS to do something truly powerful. Fantastic.

Very responsive and razor sharp support.

Well worth the money.
bydrjjw, January 5, 2011
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It's an excellent component, but made only average over-all by the poor support, even for the so-called professional version.

I would say that fewer than 20% of support questions get answered, terrible considering the high cost of the Professional component that I paid for. See the forum for more disgruntled users. It's a shame. I used to swear by YooTheme
bydrjjw, November 3, 2010
Outstanding component as usual by NoNumber.

Worked immediately as a replacement to JW Tabs / Slides in Content. Transformed the look to something more fresh within seconds.
Owner's reply

Also thanks for helping me test the early beta's.

- A review within 3 minutes of being published on the JED. Not bad :)

bydrjjw, October 19, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
Wonderful component, wonderful support, wonderful person.

Thanks Douglas!
bydrjjw, October 11, 2010
Content Uploader Pro
Just awesome.
My entire workflow has just been reinvented by this component.

Imagine working offline to add and bulk edit articles. Now you can!
bydrjjw, June 18, 2010
Akeeba Backup
3 letters:

There are few extensions out there that can empower your website to do such incredible things as Breezing Forms. Exceedingly good programming. High attention to detail. And support is excellent.

This really should be considered in a category by itself. Thank-you Markus for your gift to the Joomla community.