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drystone wall

bydrystone wall, January 21, 2010
V-Tube Video
Let me be the first...

I was looking for something that specifically worked with flv and f4v videos using H.264 formats for HD videos and I found this product.

I purchased the Pro version and able to use the playlist within the module. Very useful to show my video projects on the site in an easy and effective way.

The configuration variables in the module set-up are very wide-ranging, giving excellent opportunity to blend this baby into any site.

In addition, options exist to include your own thumbnails and default images.

As a bonus it W3C validates too!

Had a small issue (which was my fault in my Joomla global config backend). Submitted a ticket, and within minutes had a response.

On a small downside, I did find the JoomlaXLC website not too friendly to navigate, but I'm just an old fart(ess) anyway :)

Thanks Jason - good luck with your site.
bydrystone wall, September 25, 2008
Simple RSS Feed Reader
This is another great module from JW. We use it for regional traffic alerts. Integration into our site is superb (module class suffix). Easy additional styling using separate CSS. Title and feed descriptions with multiple feed options (up to 20). Cache control options. This has got to be one of the best feed readers around.

Highly recommended!
bydrystone wall, April 19, 2008
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JCK Editor
For quite a few months I've been frustrated by a number of WYSIWYG Editors - I've tried a number of them listed here in Joomla Extensions, only to reject them for one thing or another. But now I've found the one Editor that suits ALL my requirements - and it looks very professional too.

The first thing you'll notice is that the layout and graphical styling is very clean and professional, which gives immediate confidence that here is someone who knows how to design a graphical tool. The speed is good, and there are a great number of options and parameters available which should fulfill most site requirements.

But the most important thing for me with this Editor is the ability to use custom classes and styles. These are consistent and work when you hit the Apply button, unlike some Editors I've tried.

Excellent product - highly recommended - and it's non-commercial. And to the reviewer who complains about not been able to get rid of it, my response is simple: why on earth would you want to?