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byds.white, November 9, 2010
I have, like everyone else, tried products, kept some, binned some and paid for some. As a non-coder I have found support a key aspect in my product selection. My views have also evolved regarding people that produce components for Joomla. They give up a lot of time.

I have seen some negative comments from people who have not tried to learn for themselves and consequently written unfair comments regarding components, modules and plugins on here and in the forums.
The other side of that, we all know, is searching for a component that does what it claims to can take time and at times be very frustrating. That's just the way it is.

My view regarding Jomres is that it is simply the only product that delivers in terms of functionality. It is the best...fact!

Yes, it takes time to understand and you will need to embrace a "learning attitude" to get the most from Jomres.....If you moan that it doesn't work instantly then you should really be doing something else.

However, If you have any issues, present them to Vince or Aladar (Piranha)in a constructive fashion and these guys will go out of their way to help you...beyond and above any support I have experienced...My site has gone down so well with my client because I could tailor it to her needs and next time I use Jomres it will seem so much easier....

Thanks to the team at Jomres for your support - an example for others to follow

David White