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bydscheff, October 25, 2012
Before And After
Absolutely perfect for before and after shots. Running a site with non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and man this is the way to sell someone on it.

I love it when I find an etension that, while commercial, is relatively inexpensive, installs without issue, and works straight out of the box with ZERO moments of 'Huh?'
bydscheff, December 12, 2010
V-Tube Pro
I couldn't be happier with this software. So easy to set up, I can't find anything yet that I want to do with it that it won't let me do. The configuration options are unbelievable, and, man, I am so glad I spent the money. Huge time saver over the others I've looked at.

Great work. I have used numerous components over the years and this is the first time I have taken the time to review one. THANK YOU FOR THIS!