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bydskanth, February 5, 2014
This is one of the good extensions for writing custom code inside modules. I like the option of 'Source of code' for the module, which enables me to use a custom php file.
Study the documentation before using this module, else you may run into troubles.
bydskanth, June 5, 2012
This is so far the best plugin i used for enabling video support in my Joomla site. It is much better than those big video components and modules out there..

After all, if your sole purpose is to play a video inside any article, this plugin is more than enough for it, no need to bother about installing any modules or components. Another advantage is the support for a large variety of video types.
bydskanth, August 25, 2011
This is a awesome component for bookings. Working well, but i am confused at one point though.

When a user has booked and confirmed a slot on a calendar date, and the admin clicks the Manage Diaries and selects that timeslot for the calendar date, the resulting page must have shown the user details. But currently it is showing a form to add the user details.

In other words, how can the admin see the user details who have booked the timeslots?
Owner's reply

Hi Dskanth,

Thanks for the review.

The user appointment details that match a given timeslot and date are generally displayed in the admin calendar. The main reason they aren't is usually to do with timezone problems.

There are two places you need to make sure the timezone is set and they need to match for correct operation in the back end:

1) In the PBBooking Configuration to a supported PHP timezone - see the list here....
2) In the Joomla Configuration to a supported UTC offset.

Eg. for me in Australia my PBBooking config has timezone Australia/Brisbane and my Joomla config is UTC+10.

If you are still having a problem with this raise a support ticket at:

and I will see if I can get it sorted out for you.


bydskanth, July 19, 2011
MP3 Browser
This plugin is excellent and perfectly suits my needs. I just want to know how can i paginate the mp3 songs that are inside a folder. Suppose there are 50 songs in my mp3 folder and i need to show 10 in a page. How can i configure it or achieve it ?