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bydsmflash, August 19, 2011
This extension installed fine and seems to function fine.

However, it's missing some HUGE features. For example, you can't add custom text fields for additional property features. You can only add checkboxes.

Overall a good extension, but not for serious sites.
bydsmflash, August 26, 2010
OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
Installed fine but does not put analytics into code where it claims or at all. I examined my entire code and the analytics was not there and no tracking took place.

Simply does not work.
Owner's reply

umm... yeah it does work and is easy as pie.

Install, go to Extensions, Plugin Manager, Filter for OpenPotion... click on our plugin, change enable to yes, on the right, put in your web property ID (a numeric code formatted UA-XXXXXXX-X that is provided by google)

Or contact us.

If it still does not show... try disabling all your other system plugins, until it does work, so you can find the culprit conflicting. Good luck... and once you figure it out... please update this really low rating.

bydsmflash, October 23, 2009
I really do love this component, especially compared to the other ones out there.

Plus, it appears that it will continue to improve.

A few disadvantages though about language customization:
1. It has a language feature built right in backend, but no matter what permissions you give the file on your server, this feature will not work, at least on an Apache. You will get an error message that you cannot modify this file. I chmod to 777 even and could not, so definitely an error in the installation somewhere. To get around this, you will have to delete the default.php language file on your server, and manually upload to have ownership. Also, you will have to edit this on your local machine since you cannot in backend even after having ownership and setting to 777.

Other than that, great component. Has some ways to go, but a must if you have a sports league. Simple to use as well and appears to have a decent support forum.
Owner's reply


Thank you for excellent rate!

Best regards,
Beadev Team

bydsmflash, September 23, 2009
I had tried AdsFactory and found it was way too expensive and underperformed. JoomListings has more features, and IMHO, easy to use. If you're not that experienced with Joomla, then you might find it a bit difficult, but you will everything else too. so realize you limitations.

1. add unlimited custom fields
2. great control over organization, package pricing, etc.
3. easy install in no time.
4. easy to use control panel
5. easy PayPal setup and integration

1. Slow support for a paid component.
2. JomClan site lists phone support number , however I received no call back when i left a message.
3. No support forum on the JomClan site.
4. Needs more supported payment methods. Currently eway and PayPal are the only two.

I would recommend this component. No bugs to date. JomClan just emailed me and said the new version is about to launch. It appears to be a major release.

Owner's reply


Thanks for the detailed review.

We are working promptly to improve our support team. I think I am the only component provider in Joomla! world who gives support via phone moving forward I will improve myself on calling users back.

We have also released the new version today. I hope you will enjoy that.

Hassan Janjua, Owner.

bydsmflash, August 11, 2009
Every Jooomla developer should have this in their toolbox. Editing HTML is so much easier. The feature i like most is being able to set urls by having the ability to see all site content and clicking on a page instead of going to the live site, copying url, then pasting. Just a lot of features and a vast improvement over the core editor. Take notes Joomla!
bydsmflash, July 13, 2009
Page Peel Banner
This is cool looking, but its basically an advertisement for Template Plaza, which i don't know why you would want to put on your site if they are not paying you. There is also no forum support unless you join Template Plaza.
My recommendation would be to charge something for the module and allow users to put their own ads in.
Just my opinion.
bydsmflash, June 28, 2009
Tried Agora forum extension and got a ton of installation errors and it simply did not work (couldn't even create a forum), and it was supposed to be a stable release.
Then I found Kunena.
- Smooth installation
- Tons of built in features - no need for a bunch of additional plugins, which is more to manage
- Attractive and easy to navigate control panel
- Control over many options
- Up and going in 5 minutes
- Attractive frontend and easy to customize.

Great out of the box. Haven't used long enough to find any drawbacks or bugs, but no extension is perfect or will satisfy 100% of your needs. But, this one comes close. And, it appears that the Kunena team is very determined and aggressive. I feel that at their pace, they will easily surpass Agora and the rest in popularity.
I am using JomSocial and I like the fact that they are targeting JS for integration.

Thanks Kunena!
bydsmflash, January 17, 2009
This does just what it should - quick form setup with many features.
Allows you to set confirmation page, drag and drop elements to create form, etc. Best one I have found so far and I am very picky about my components.
There's a lot out there in the way of form components, but this will do everything you need hands down.

Great component!
bydsmflash, January 10, 2009
Z Weather
Tried to install with the legacy plugin and it was a not go. Crashed my site with a big fat error message. 10 minutes i will never get back.

I would try another component unless using 1.0