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bydsrpmedia, September 10, 2014
all of the NoNumber extensions are great - but sourcerer knocks it out of the ballpark. Very powerful, super eassy to use, and the support is incredible.
bydsrpmedia, September 10, 2014
as with all the NoNumber extensions tabs is an awesome tool - and the support (even for the free extensions) is amazing
bydsrpmedia, April 26, 2013
Very goo plugin - works in several situations where i was having trouble with other captcha options.

support is excellent
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

bydsrpmedia, January 11, 2012
I just installed the jtouch mobile template on my site & LOVE IT!!!

the template looks great - especially the virtuemart areas.

had a couple of small issues & Nguyen was there immediatley to help - can`t say enough good things about this
bydsrpmedia, August 10, 2011
ITech Befter Gallery
I have been using joomla for several years now, & in all this time this is the very first bad review I have written.

I paid for the module & it doesn `t work on my site
- the developer told me to look for script conflicts
- in firebug I found several errors directly related to the the module itself, which I then forwarded to the developer
-the developer sent me a nasty email saying he is right, somehow firebug is wrong & to basically go stuff myself

The product & level of support I received are easily the worst I have ever come across in any joomla product
Owner's reply

All the error He sent were related to his template and he pointed out just one script directly related to my module but the suggested issue was not there have a look at following code.

Error: missing } after property list
Line: 253, Column: 14
Source Code:

goes to this piece of code

var $ = jQuery.noConflict();



No where } is missing

then he sent me

Error: el.set is not a function
Source File: /media/system/js/mootools.js
Line: 23

source file is mootools.js located in media folder where if it would be related to my module it should be placed inside
module/mod_itech_befter_gallery folder.

So this review is completely fake

bydsrpmedia, March 13, 2011
IF there was a higher rating I would give it.
Super easy to use, looks great the support is promt, and excellent.

Way to go!!!
bydsrpmedia, November 26, 2010
Event Booking
Very easy to set up / use - excellent customer support
bydsrpmedia, August 14, 2010
Pro Image Flow
I bought this header slide expecting to have to spend the afternoon figuring it out - suprise, it worked right out of the box - looks great, my clients love it
bydsrpmedia, May 7, 2010
AwoCoupon Starter
I am so happy.

I `ve been using virtuemart for 3 years now, and have been frustrated with the coupon system every step of the way.

specifically, (for me) it is of utmost importance that a user only be allowed to use a coupon once - but I do not want to have the ongoing hassle of constantly creating 'gift coupons'.

Up until now this has been impossible.

With this component you can get the coupon system to do pretty much WHATEVER you want.

and it`s free.

Super easy to configure.

great support.

I just wish I could give it more than 5 stars
bydsrpmedia, August 5, 2009
This is by far the best forms component I have come across

simple, powerful and the support is great too

highly recommended