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bydstjames, May 20, 2011
We administer upwards of around 50 websites all running Joomla and I initially came across this component and took their claims with a grain of salt. You can't trust everything you read. We had been hacked so many times on so many of our sites that security fixes had become a weekly chore. Then we installed RSFirewall and it all stopped. In the 6 months we have been using this we have not had one single instance of being hacked. Our core Joomla files we getting hacked on a weekly basis... now I haven't had to address one security concern in 6 months. If your Joomla installations attract a lot of traffic, this is a must-have component that does all the hard security work for you. Do be aware that the ratings it gives you on a Windows server are low due to not being able to assign Unix permissions to files, but otherwise, we have subscribed to the top level of support for this and will continue to do so. RSFirewall saved us from having to dump Joomla all together and buy a custom CMS.