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bydtanderson, September 19, 2013
I have many legacy html pages created by GDIdb, which is an obsolete script generator for an ODBC database. This generates static html pages from a Microsoft Access database. In my case, I have directories of over 2,500 businesses and community organisations and wish to convert the original directory pages into Joomla. And I DON'T want to have to resort to re-converting the database using one of the business directory extensions just yet. Maybe later when I have more time.

After uploading and enabling the Include plugin and inserting the necessary string "{include mypage.htm}" into an article, the original data is now shown on the Joomla site.

I need to modify the scripts to remove unnecessary headers, introduction, menus, etc, but this is a very easy way to continue to use existing data without too much hassle.

When I update the Access database tables, all I need to do is ftp the new file(s) and the article is immediately updated.

Thanks for such a great plugin!
bydtanderson, August 20, 2013
HTML 2 Articles
This is an excellent extension for converting sites created in HTML into Joomla. If you have small or large sites which you want to convert to Joomla then this does practically everything. It may be necessary to clean up a few minor points after conversion, or perhaps you may need to tweak the parameters to suit the pages. I found that trialling a few pages before doing any extensive conversion is a good way of getting these parameters to an optimum configuration. And it is FAST!

I found a bug in the software a few days ago, and Barnaby sent me an updated version within a couple of days which resolved the problem. So support is great, and Barnaby is very helpful.

All in all, I am very pleased with this extension and have hundreds of pages to convert. With this it will be really easy.