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byductape, December 1, 2009
Since this component went commercial (Pro Version) there has been some problems and it seems the developer is ignoring questions in their forum.

I read the documents, I scanned to forum for a similar problem also. I found no solution and no answers from the developer.

I posted this and it sat for over 2 weeks:

And still no answer. I installed Phoca Maps and used the exact same API key for Google and it worked great.

The features that are implemented in this component may be what you are looking for and if that is the case, I think it is still a good option. But for me, there is no way I am going to pay for the Pro version if I cannot be assured it will actually work.

Also, I cannot uninstall it from the component menu. Problems all around that should be easy to fix, let's hope the developer decides to do that.
Owner's reply

If you scan the forum, and look thorugh it. You will have a hard time finding even one question ignored - and it is even a free component.

The problems you are refering too with the key was most likely a configuration setup done wrong, however you did not reply to my answer on the forum - so I cant know for sure.

byductape, September 10, 2008
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I have used Fabrik in the past, and have been happy with it. I started a new project and I needed a way to build a Google Maps/database mashup. I decided to try out the new Fabrik 2.0 beta and let me say, WOW. In short time I have gotten my application to work in a basic way.

I just couldnt be happier with the way things are going. Keep in mind this is beta software and as such has bugs, but if you are willing to jump in the forums, the guys at Fabrik are very helpful. Be sure to be using the SVN checkout, not one of the older installs if you want to be serious about Fabrik application building.

This component is well worth the money they ask for the documentation. These guys response on the forums is some of the best ive seen for free and commercial extensions. Keep up the good work guys!