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bydulun21, November 22, 2010
easy install and works after enabled ..but the tex is difficult to see at times--- like # 5 that looks like #6 etc...

and there's a conflict with 1 of of the extensions i have on the site as well

overall it's ok. but if you want something is easier for the users --- there are other options available
Owner's reply

Your review is quite funny since you yourself are using this plugin and advising others against it.

The numbers are made difficult to read in order to bypass optical character recognition(OCR) by advanced spam bots.But its still its easily decipherable for people with normal vision for whom this plugin is aimed for.

You should have mentioned the extension name which is having conflict.Even if there is some real conflict you should have contacted me first instead of trying to show that you are an expert while you are actually not

tried to install the custom smileys using the support link from the site got everything download then install and enable.. but.. still nothing works..

i think for custom.. you have to install something elsewhere beside the smiley package from those sites..

over all this is an ok plugins... too bad the custom didn't work for me but it's not important for my site anyway..
bydulun21, October 16, 2010
just enable and that's it!!

as for removing the "joombla extension by siteground" water mark at the bottom of the front page..

as stated by CarlG (a few post below)...

but it's gest if you use remove the URL and the text

and leave the codes be!!! since if you remove the codes.. you site will not even load!!!

my advice to remove the watermark is

1- copy and paste your codes into a txt file before doing anything.. so if you messed up.. you can just re-paste them

2- if you want to remove the trademark of the front page..

remove THE URL and the TXT in the Replacement line

so what you looking for is and joombla extensiones by siteground..

or soemthing like those two within the $replacement =

that's all