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bydunx, April 8, 2014
Contact Enhanced Component
You've only got to take a look at the hundreds of other reviews for this component to know that this is going to be worth the small outlay. If you get a problem contact the developer, Douglas recognises that good customer support is what most of us non-programmers need. I asked him to completely change the way the component worked - OK, it was for a small cost, but I got exactly what I needed and he's thrown in a few bits and pieces for nothing. Superb!
bydunx, October 11, 2013
JU Content Slider
I promised the developer that I would post a review of this extension because I thought the support was brilliant and the extension itself just about covered everything you'd want from a slider. You can set it to work with articles and you can work with images within the module adding titles, links and descriptions to those images as you go.

I needed a small modification so that the description associated with the images linked to a selected article and the developer was back with one line of code within a couple of minutes.

I've worked with Joomla for roughly 6 years now and I think this is one of the best extensions I've come across.
bydunx, March 19, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I have been using Joomla! for about 6 months now - this was the first plugin I had attempted to use. Once I had figured it out it all worked great. If you are a first timer then patience will get you through.

I had a problem with using it in IE7 (IE6 was OK by the way) - the map would disappear just after loading. I searched the net to work out the problem, couldn't find an answer apart from reading through the reviews. Soon realised it was probably a problem with my template rather than the plugin - it seems most people need to resolve this by emailing Mike Reuner as the problem is different everytime.

Mike got back to me overnight (I am in the UK) - my problem turned out to be a problem with my CSS - I had used position:relative; in one of my selectors. Mike suggested removing this line.

Made the change and all works fine now in IE6, IE7, safari and FF3.

I can only say read through the reviews if you are in any doubt about using this plugin - 200+ people can't be wrong.

Pizza money is on its way.