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bydupree1015, January 16, 2014
I have used FAQ PRO in the past with Joomla 1.5 and simply loved it. When I had questions regarding the new version, the team JEXTN responded very quickly. I also had a problem with the download which they fixed right away and I am extremely impressed with their level of service and professionalism. Great team and product!
bydupree1015, January 14, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I can't say enough about the Akeeba support team. I was having a challenge unpacking a 2.5 site and receiving a plugin error. This was the first time I was using 2.5 and the updated Akeeba Backup component. (I was a 1.5 user for so long) I contacted support and within minutes Nicholas contacted me and helped me to fix the challenge. As silly as it seems, I didn't know that I couldn't unpack a 2.5 site over an old 1.5 site and because of him I was saved hours of frustration. I LOVE AKEEBA! Thank you guys!
bydupree1015, January 1, 2013
Community Quotes
We just purchased this program and we truly love it. We would have given it an "Excellent" rating if the following key items were are part of it:

1. Quote Categories: Many people who are searching will be doing so by the category, such as "success" or "excellence", not the author. I understand that you can add a tag, but that really doesn't help much.

2. Assigning an Author to multiple Quote Categories: Again, we have "author X" who has been quoted in the category of "success" and "excellence"

3. Being able to add Authors and Quotes inside the Admin area, not by adding a drop down menu on the front end and adding them there.

If there are any plans on adding these features soon, we would sure like to know.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are adding categories support in the next release.

bydupree1015, March 22, 2011
This component looks amazing on my site and it's so easy to use. There is also so much variety with this component/module that you can really customize it to what you want. LOVE IT!
bydupree1015, March 4, 2011
Admiror Gallery
This has got to be the best gallery component I have found to date in regards to the layout, the different programming options, etc. And their website has tutorial videos on how to use their code inside an article in order to make it look exactly how you want. Totally Love That! Also, I had a challenge with a compatibility issue, posted it to their forum and they got back to so quickly with a resolution. BRAVO! Thanks for making such a great program :)
bydupree1015, February 2, 2011
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I decided to get CB Profile PRO due to the fact that CBProfies don't really have that much flexibility when it comes to not only the profile page but the registration page as well. After purchasing, I had several questions regarding registration pages and integrating them with CBSubs and I have to tell you, all of my questions were answered EVERY TIME and no matter what I needed the programming team was there to help. I'm very excited about what this program can do and will be using it on every single one of my client's community sites moving forward! Thanks Guys...YOU ROCK!
bydupree1015, October 7, 2010
I just want to say that I'm so happy with this extension and especially the new extplus template. I was having a challenge before with the blocks showing up when I didn't want the names of each event listed in monthly calendar view and now that I upgraded to the silver package and was able to upload the new template, it says "more" in each day which is exactly what my client wanted. SO AWESOME! So worth paying for the membership!!!

bydupree1015, July 27, 2010
Highlighter GK4
Love this extension and it does exactly what it says. Wish they would make the same thing for Twitter tweets. :)
bydupree1015, July 9, 2010
This flash is really cool and easy to use. I installed it for a spa site and the effects are perfect and totally chic...thank you:)
bydupree1015, June 29, 2010
MP3 Browser
I have to say that this is the EASIEST MP3 extension that I've used thus far, and I've tried several. If you want something that displays nicely and simple to configure use this for sure. Thanks for helping me to enhance my site. :)
bydupree1015, March 6, 2010
Smart Flash Header
If you want an amazing flash header, then you must get this. It's amazing what it can do and so simple to use. I love PROJOOM products. Never have an issue with installation of any of their extensions. They're just great and as you can tell I'm a huge fan. KEEP EM' COMING!