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bydurakbane, July 13, 2013
Community Surveys
I have only built one website in my entire life. I built it using Joomla BECAUSE of one of CoreJoomla's other products (Community Polls.)

Because I think so highly of the Community Polls extension, I added Community Surveys to my site.

Please know that this extension is more complex than some other extensions simply because of the features it offers. Additionally, there are many more extensions that are even more complex and harder to install.

Finally, the customer service is OUTSTANDING. Maverick is very responsive, respectful, and, most importantly, helpful.
bydurakbane, July 13, 2013
Community Polls
Background: I wanted to create my very first website with the ability to 'poll' customers. After a lot of research, I saw that corejoomla offered this ability.

Bottomline: I learned how to build a site using Joomla just so that I could use this extension and haven't regretted the time and effort it took to learn Joomla and build the site.

Finally AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..the customer service is OUTSTANDING! Thanks, Maverick.