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bydurexlw, December 3, 2010
Highly configurable. The only thing that annoyed me was that I would need a module to get JComment to work with this application.
The component is well written, so it was easy to implement native JComment support in this component. Right now I don't need the module anymore.
I tried phoca and I have to say, it felt a bit 'hard' compared to this component. The Zip-upload is a nice feature that's missing in a lot of other apps.

The code is inspiring to see... well written, well thought out. Just what we needed: the component currently suits my every need.
bydurexlw, October 28, 2010
Service is great... most of the time you won't need it, though cause the product is pretty flawless.
If you do need assistance: I haven't had to wait more than a day to get a decent answer to all my questions on the forum.

With the new version being in an MVC design pattern, I think it deserves every rating-star out there.
If you consider buying it, do so... this product has future in my opinion: the coder works dedicated from what I can tell and the code itself radiates with experience. It's an example of the kind of product I aspire to produce.

Thanks for the hard work and awesome product. Keep it up!