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bydwainerobison, September 18, 2013
I really couldn't find any other reasonable way to convert the content of a lot of PDF files and get them into my Joomla data base. This component does this and does it well. It is even more powerful than I originally thought. And thank you Tuan for excellent services to find issues my application had.
bydwainerobison, September 26, 2012
Virtue Affiliate
Virtue Affiliate was the only VM affiliate package I found that stated that it had "subaffiliate" capability. One or 2 negative reviewers said it didn't really have it. It does!! Like every complex extension I have used (I have used many), its not drop dead simple to understand at first, and much of that may be language issues and lack of extensive (and expensive) documentation. But the support team made that problem go away with excellent and timely response to my cries for help thru their Support Ticket system. They even re-installed it correctly for me.

If you have need of affiliates or consultants, or what ever, buy it! Its worth it, and ask for help if you need it.

Thanks guys!
Owner's reply

I would like to thank you for your kind words and I assure you that we'll do our best to improve and update Virtue Affiliate as often as we can.

bydwainerobison, April 11, 2012
Spider Menu
I had a couple of minor install issues (just a lack of information) that the support staff responded to. Now the product works beautifully. I am using it as an extended menu system, but also as a unique and eye catching module to display content with that cool sliding action. It is well worth the time and money
bydwainerobison, April 9, 2012
HTML Map Manager 2
I have used HTML Map and HTML Map2 on several sites and it really is powerful and adds functionality that can set your site apart. Like all extensions of this caliber, there are usually a few things to learn to make it work to its fullest potential. But it is completely worth the initial cost and learning. For a simple application it is plug-and-play. The tech support I received (several times for different projects) from Ruth at Virya Technologies has been second to none.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review Dwaine, and for using our software. We aim to provide a top notch support service to all our customers :)

bydwainerobison, February 19, 2012
Universal AjaxChat
Like just about every Joomla extension worth anything, this component took me some time and effort to figure out. But it was well worth the time and money. I am using it on Joomla 1.7, CB with ProfilePro and it works great. I have asked the developer if it can be made to work with multiple windows open at once, that would make it truly powerful. I am hoping for a positive response.
bydwainerobison, January 27, 2012
Profile Pro for Community Builder
CB ProfilePro is a very powerful and useful tool for creating CB profile presentations in any layout you can think of.

When I first got it, I was confused by the instructions which are not as intuitive or clear as they could be (and I am not a newbie). HOWEVER, stick with it, read any and all instructions you can find, look over the forums, and send in questions thru the forums. They will be answered.

Once you get it, it will allow you to easily build CB profile presentations in any style and tab/field layout you want.

Well worth the time and money it will cost you.
bydwainerobison, July 11, 2011
BreadCrumbs Advanced
I had an unknown problem with the standard Joomla 1.5 breadcrumbs module working with my T3 template. The module would never display "home" even when that option was selected in admin module manager. I installed this module (make sure to follow instructions about renaming an element in 1 line of code where the module is called with jdoc), and instantly my problem was solved. It looks better than standard module too. Thanks
bydwainerobison, May 6, 2011
Very nice extension. Thank you for a very useful free extension. Worked great as a module. Had a problem with the component in Joomla 1.6. Submitted a bug report
bydwainerobison, September 12, 2010
This is one of the handiest non-commercial (or commercial for that matter) extensions I have come across. It is so easy and works great. It is named aptly, it is "simple". That is one of its best features. Unlike other excellent, full featured shopping carts like VirtueMart, it is very simple but gives you a fast way of adding a few products for sale on any Joomla site. I can't complain about its lack of features, it has a lot left out that many of my sites don't really need, these only add to its usefulness. If I need them I will use VirtuMart, and spend a whole lot more time setting the cart up.
This Component is the very best of any Joomla extention I have ever tried. It cost a little (very little) and was worth much more in value of what I could do for my client. I am not a javascript expert (not a dummy either) but was able to use the Classic mode (with scripts fashioned after the standard samples) to create a very complex form with calculations spread over multiple pages. It took some digging on my part, and some help from Terry and Markus (which was very rapidly given), and it works great!