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bydwatkinsa, February 23, 2012
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I downloaded this extension two weeks ago, and have been thoroughly pleased with the support I've received. I have AceSEF installed as well, which conflicted a bit with the Wordpress for Joomla! Extension, but the CorePHP team (and Andy especially) went above and beyond in helping me get everything working the way it should. They were very responsive, and helped me configure the template professionally (this isn't standard nor were they required to do so, but again, they went above and beyond and for that I am very, very grateful).

Just so everyone knows, I did some research on this ahead of time, but it wasn't immediately clear to me so I had to call them, but if you're reading this and wondering if the Wordpress template will work with your site design through Joomla, the short answer is YES. The default template is specially set up by the CorePHP team to inherit all of the styles from your current Joomla template, so you won't have any issues at all.

Anyway, I give this product five stars. The CorePHP team deserves it for a stellar product and great service -- rare in the world of software extensions.