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bydwatters, April 16, 2013
I came across JFBAlbum when I was trying to solve two separate problems; 1) I needed a photo gallery that can be viewed on smart phones and 2) My clients expressed a desire to not be duplicating their work with social media and website maintenance. JFBAlbum solves both those problems. My clients love it! The beauty for me is that I don't have to spend my time updating photo galleries because my clients are now happy to do it themselves in the familiar facebook gallery. It was fairly easy to install although, I did run into a small snag because I did not completely understand the instructions to configure it properly. The developer was quick to help me out. I have given JFBAlbum full marks for excellent developer/client communication and a product that is truly useful for a good number of my clients.
bydwatters, June 11, 2009
I downloaded this component and bought the plugin for my Sobi2 directory component. The goal was to have a business directory with SEF URLs. I did not desire or need the rest of my site to be SEF. I ran into difficulty trying to configure it but to be fair, this component has a lot going on. It's easy to not do it right if you are uninitiated. I emailed the creator and he asked me to pay for one hour of support. I am sure I took up more than an hour of his time but he stuck with me until the component was working. Any difficulty that I had was my own lack of knowlege. Now installed right, it works as advertised and I'm thrilled at the job it does.