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bydword2010, May 15, 2010
Well this extension may sounds nice, tons of features at the first glance. But... don't EVER try open any one of the gazillion files for your mind's sake.
It's so messy (MVC definitively not a clear concept for the authors), some hard coded design/layout/images in html/php elements, files all over the places, no human understandable logic) that you may you loose your time trying to change anything in it.
The masterpiece is, IMAO, the "module list" that is supposed to grant mysterious permissions. If you have time and want to read fun stuff, have a look at the documentation for this part...
It would have been a good extension, but I think that authors tried to do too many things, and thus they failed to make it right.
bydword2010, March 15, 2010
Ninja Eye Menu
This module is working fine and it's mootols based! So no more conflicts/broken modules everywhere!
It's only 10 dolars (7.something euros :p). Definitively worth it!