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bye_builds, December 13, 2012
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We had some problems with this module on a 2.5 Joomla which required hard coding php. Forget most of them, but showing trash items was one of them. Something with parameters was another.
Looking at the code, I see don't see best joomla coding. Pitty, because it showed so much promise.
bye_builds, January 13, 2012
Social Sharing
Though they offer a lot and I find it very interesting, there are two things that made me not to choose this (again):
- It takes time to register each key for every login type (not mentioning the loginradius key itself). It could be that those keys are mandatory by the login service sites and not by loginradius though; i don't know.
- It alters the joomla core users table (which is already rather ill advised), but does NOT put it back when you uninstall this.
Owner's reply

Hi e_builds,

Thanks for reviewing our extension Social Login.

1) The keys are required by ID Providers as per their terms of use, so we can't do much about that. However, the advantage of using your own keys is that when a user logs in, s/he sees your website name on the login page instead of LoginRadius.

2) This is the first version of our Social Login extension and we are working hard to further improve it. Regarding your second issue about altering the Joomla core users table, we add the additional column in order to save each provider's ID for user authentication. Once a user logs in the first time with an ID provider, we save that information in this column and reference it each time the user logs in going forward. If you delete this column after uninstalling Social Login, then you will lose all Social Login data collected thus far. The readme.txt file that comes with the extension specifies information about this additional column. In the next version of our extension, the admin will be able to choose whether to keep or delete this column during uninstallation.

Please let us know if you have any more suggestions at We'd love to hear from everyone! :)

LoginRadius Team

bye_builds, January 5, 2012
- Does what it says
- Enough options to customize
- Decent mootools effect settings (not too slow), though I tweaked it a bit. :-)
- Style happens to be very neutral and immediatly useable for my site!
- Has tablinks!!! Could've only hoped for that!
(=to be able to link direcly to a tab in a page).
- This is my choice for BETTER followup for a 1.7 Tabs & Sliders!
bye_builds, June 22, 2011
There is so much under the hood that I am impressed.
Not mentioning all the configuration options.
bye_builds, July 11, 2008
Core Design Ajax Vote
The jquery script (inside scriptegrator) needed for this plugin is 120KB huge!
I don't know if it uses other scripts, but I don't like big scripts..
Otherwise this would be a very simple and nice plugin!