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byeabrodie, January 6, 2010
Pro Magic Audio Player
For my collection of 20GB+ of Chinese music, I have already spent countless hours properly encoding every single MP3 for the correct title, contributing author, album name and lyrics (in traditional Chinese), and at this point, I am ready to start creating a Joomla-based online jukebox, but am simply burned out from all the work done so far. Thousands of files + reading Chinese = daunting undertaking + headache.

Evaluating dozens of other Joomla-based MP3 players has brought nothing but disappointment and despair. I was almost on the verge of throwing my hands up in the air and giving up altogether on this jukebox project as I was not willing to sacrifice hundreds of additional hours creating customized playlists and formatting tables for the one single MP3 player that did play MP3s with tags encoded with UTF-8 characters. I decided that I would create playlists based on folders, or do nothing at all.

Enter Pro Magic Audio Player, which at first seemed to do exactly what I wanted, but to my initial shock, the player was unable to display the correct UTF-8 encoding of tags, and was thus unable to play the songs as well. I was ready to request a refund out of frustration when I decided to send a quick email to support and describe the situation. Not even 12 hours later, I received an extremely detailed email reply with the fix: remove IDv1 tags (leaving only IDv2 tags), and change a parameter in a PHP ini file (a change which I was advised will be incorporated in the next version update). Lo and behold, I now have a perfect jukebox for playing Chinese and Korean and Japanese music!

Forget about the crazily detailed customization capabilities for the appearance alone. The ease of use of this plugin, its flexibility and, most importantly, the speed at which I can get this jukebox up and running in its entirety, are monumental. This ProJoom's plugin has empowered me to fulfill a decade-long vision of mine, and has already saved me ridiculous amounts of time by its ability to dynamically generate playlists and read from MP3 tags.

Quality aside, ProJoom's quick response, professional manner, and detailed and clear explanation (and documentation) have won my trust as a loyal customer, and has convinced me that much pride has been invested in the development of this plugin.

Is Pro Magic Audio Player worth the money, and is it worth the nine-month lifespan of a support contract that must be renewed thereafter? You bet it is. You get what you pay for, and this was money well spent.

Now that my rave is done, I would like to be greedy and ask if it would be possible to add lyric functionality as a configuration option to this plugin? I was thinking along the lines of, as a song is playing, the user is able to click a side arrow that makes a lyrics window slide out from the left of the main player panel, with the lyrics pane dimensions defaulting to the preset theme dimensions, but resizable via configuration. Vertical scrolling would be there as well. How does this sound? Seems easy enough to implement considering the plugin already pulls from ID3v2 tags.

Many thanks!