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byeagle00789, January 17, 2009
Just before the release of the old 1.1.0 beta plugin, i started using JFusion. This has lead me through a huge process of installing (1 minute), configuring (2 minutes) and using (the rest of my site life. several houndred hours and counting).

The 1.1.0 release of the plugin pushed me just a little bit further. On my site i was using a bugtracker that was separated from joomla (FlySpray). this has lead me back to jfusion's website and forum, to seek support on creating a plugin for jfusion for my bugtracker. After a few trial and errors, i have written my own plugin for jfusion and with succes. There only is one thing remaining. frameless integration, but that is much more difficult then just creating the plugin :D

Keep it up and keep the releases coming.... (preferably every 2 weeks or so :D :P )