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byearad, March 27, 2011
Joom Donation
First of all, The extension is easy to install if you are familiar with joomla installation. there are series of instalions to be done so roughly good half an hour to finish all installation is a reasonable time. Secondly, the history or user profile wher a user can see their profile ie how much they have donated so far IS NOT functioning properly and could be seen any where. When I installed it will show success, however, the extension is not seen either in the backnd just like other extensions, or in the front end after the user logs in and makes donations.

Reasonably ratig this module, i would give it generously two stars. This is because customer service after you buy is poor. I have tried to contact the developer numerous times via their contact form, Skype, basically dead-end. I am sill waiting.

So, while the paypal donation form is ok, the best part, where the user can see their profile is non-functional. I gues the rating is also influenced by the reasons of the purchase. I was interested to provide my user the opportunity to se their donation history. That part JoomDonation has failed, and there is not after-sales service at least so far (more two weeks).
Owner's reply


First of all, I want to say about donation history feature. In the previous version, there is a CB Plugin which display donation history of user in his CB profile. The same plugin is also available for Jomsocial.

Recently, I also added the donation history feature into the Joom Donation itself (This is requested by one client, maybe It was YOU but I am not sure). You can simply create a menu item to link to history view of the extension and users can click on that menu item to see his donation history.

Second, said about the support. I am not sure what timezone you are. My timezone is GMT+07, I am available from 8:30am until 11:30pm everyday, so if you contact me via Skype, I am available, no reason I don't response you. Sometime when customers send email via contact form, email might not be sent because the mail server might not work at the time. If you don't receive my response, try to email me second time or better please submit a support ticket !

I hope you will receive this message and contact me. The feature is AVAILABLE in the extension and I am available for support, too !