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byearonc, June 27, 2012
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Installed the package and it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I disabled the components in the extension manager and am locked out of the website I was working on completely. I just get a blank errors shown. I now have to troubleshoot. I did notice the plugins were not installed, so I did install them from the cedtag component manager. They seem to have been installed. The package did work, but not as I expected. Hopefully I can solve the problem or I have lost a lot of work done the past few days and must go back to the beginning. Tried to reach the documents, forum, etc for the package but it seems to be down. Even the original download area I used this morning was timing out. While I'm not a happy camper at this point, I'm still hoping I can get it back to a point where I can continue without losing all my work. I will update when I figure out just what is broken now. I Right now, both the public website and the administrator section both only provide a blank page in my browser.