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byeasytherm, February 22, 2014
BreezingForms (Lite)
I searched for a simple and very configurable tool for entering data in my website.

This tool is very well designed, the free (=lite) version has a lot of flexibility to offer (dataentry validation, calculation between fields, email to users and so on and so on). Best of all, the support contains tons of helpful hints as well as many people ready to help. Thank you very much. highly recommended!
byeasytherm, August 28, 2013
Quiz  Deluxe
I've been using Joomla quiz deluxe since about 2 years now and I must say that I'm very satisfied with the product.

I'm teacher in a technical school and searched for a way to help my students learn skills. Some of these skills are based on repetition, which obviously is not allways motivating...

Before joomla, I used another hostbased solution, but was not satisfied with the flexibility and efficiency of that solution. The more questions in my quizzes, the more painfull was the configuration of the quiz and their usage on a java based application. I was not very happy...

I started my own joomla project, checked the different joomla Quiz components, and opted for joomlaquiz deluxe

I imported all my questions from the preceeding system (was quite a work), but now both joomla backend and frontend are very fast.

Joomla quiz deluxe allows me to integrate different quizzes for mathematics learning. These quizzes are very flexible and easy to setup, with "randomization" of the questions and answer ordering.

The product has beeen very efficient for me as website's administrator, for many students to improve their skills in a fun way and for my colleagues, who can easily, check their own student's results, from the website, directly on their email.

The product's learning curve for the product is not to steep, considering the many options it provides. Ticket based help is efficent and quick, support from joomplace has allways been kindly, in translation, technical explanation and so on.

On line help was so so on the beginning, but now seems quite usable.

There are still a couple of features which I miss from my old system :

* printing a quiz as a written test, so I can use it in a classrom (we still have "dry" classrooms with no computers)
* using math formulas in quiz questions with randomly generated startvalues

I'll definitely stay with joomla quiz deluxe, expanding it's use for other learning fieds or subjects. The component is well worth the money!
byeasytherm, January 21, 2013
Content Uploader Pro
I'm the owner of a school joomla 2.5 website where I need to weekly update about 100 articles containing tabular data.

My source data are in excel files.

Until now, every week, I manually copied my data and pasted them in text articles. What a waste of time!

Every article has access right connected with some registred user(s), so I have to be well organized.

I searched for solution to automate this process and decided to give a try to Content Uploader.

The description and reviews were positive and I decided to subscribe to Content Uploader PRO.

It didn't work (in other words, I couldn't manage to make it work) and at first I had no feedback from my messages in the forum.

I was a bit disappointed, then I made some more insistent mails to the component's author, well, it was on the 1. or 2nd of January, so Champagne may have played his role... ;-)

Then Pete mailed me back, and within 2 days, with some help from him, my problem was solved at my full satisfaction.

Thank you very much Pete, my money is well invested in this time saving component.

I estimate, this will spare me about 30 hours of my time every year!

If you need some help in french translation, Pete, just mail me.
byeasytherm, January 13, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
This is really a awesome free extension in professional quality.

I maintain a couple of sites where from time to time I need to send mails to registered users.

I scratched my head when searching for a solution and was quite unsure.

Today, I needed to send a mail to a couple of users and was bored to make this with Outlook and manually selecting mail addresses.

I just backuped my Joomla 2.5.8 production website and "risked" to test this component. Ok having so many positive reviews brings the risk down ;-)

I installed the component and set up my first newsletter within minutes, without ever having to read a single help document.

This is exactly what I need.

Congratulation and thank you very very much

byeasytherm, April 30, 2012
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very simple to use plugin. works without any question. I'm installing by default on my sites. Thank you so much
byeasytherm, February 25, 2012
It totally changes the look and feel of a website, with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Thank you for sharing this.

My host still offers php 5.2.17 (will change within a couple of weeks) but it works perfect
byeasytherm, February 12, 2012
Simple Image Holder
I spent hours searching a way to display a webcams'picture (from an URL) as a thumbnail, and then displaying the whole picture by clicking over it.

I found a lot of solutions when images are already on the server, but nothing comparable to this one (image on external server).

Thanks to Omar's excellent module, I saved my day.

Tested on joomla 2.5

Thank you, thank you so much, donation is following

btw: I managed to put 2 of my images on the same article, using the also excellent NoNumber's ModulesAnywhere plugin.