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byebonyleg, July 12, 2007
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RSS Browser
Unless I have missed something. The News Feed works well, however when you try and open the feed link, it does not open on my site as the author Claims. Intead it Opens in a new browser window. There is a message saying that it requires thick-1.7 and Higher. However the Link goes back to the original file mod_thick_1.7 that I just downloaded.
Something is defintely missing. The Only good thing is the ability to remove RSS images and titles as one pleases. Other wise it would have been a an execellent module. At the end of the day it is no different from the Joomla Default. I give it thumbs down for false claims.
Owner's reply

Please do not post negative reviews unless
you viewed the demo, read the FAQs and / or contacted the developer.
There are no false claims but in your review.