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byebooksmart, June 27, 2011
At first it looks great, and seems to do the job you want. But after a few days of use, you discover it is unusable at all.

The problem is the cache. Rather than going to every time, and bringing back everything that's up there, this extension loads to site cache and never looks back.

What does this mean? well, if a post is edited on wordpress, this extension is never aware of it, so posts will display the old version forever.

Add to that that it always displays 10 post. It has a feedcount option on the backend, but that is ignored. set it to 5, or 50, you will always see exactly 10.

It also does NOT support comments, Facebook like, or any other wordpress option, despite promising to do so.

All in all, a good idea, but no success.
Owner's reply

Improvements to the cache mechanism is being tracked as an issue on