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byeclombardo, April 17, 2014
Store for K2
I tried a few other ecommerce solutions and they were so complicated to set up and configure that I almost gave up on ever having my own store. I came across K2Store and gave the free version a try. After installing it and setting it up with my existing K2 items I immediately bought the pro version! Their customer service is amazing and super fast and helped me with the couple of questions I had almost immediately. I recommend this to anyone who wants a robust featured shopping cart that works perfectly with joomla and K2. Excellent! Thank you!
byeclombardo, September 5, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I needed a way to move a site from my development server to the client's server. It was a large database and site (over 10k members) and I was intimidated by the idea. Using Akeeba Backup, I was able to backup the site and database, then following the instructions and fantastic video I was able to use Kickstarter to migrate the backup, extract it, and install it flawlessly. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
byeclombardo, November 1, 2010
Edocs - Embed Documents
Works beautifully when I'm in Google Chrome, however when looking at it in Firefox (both on mac) it wants me to log into a google account to be able to see it. Is that how the plugin works - do you have to be logged into Google for the viewer to work? Other than that it was flawless and painless!
byeclombardo, September 24, 2009
As everything else that comes from this publisher (I'm a very happy member), this is a great extension. Easy to install, easy to use, although I had to get used to the different style of coding... but works like a charm. I only have one problem - I want to be able to add a link from within the Rokbox pop up. This way I can show an image of a website I've designed, add a header title and description, and then a link to the live site. But nothing I do will allow me to add the live link from the description area of the popup. Been going nuts looking for a solution. Other than that one problem this is perfect for me. Thank you!!