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byeconme5, November 18, 2012
Art Table
When I got the module, I thought I would get some manual on how to use it. I think the provided module should contain some words on how to use the module. However, the support was quick on answering my questions and soon I got the module working as expected. Actually, it is easy to use it.

Moreover, I got the support I could not imagine. The thing is that if you work with csv files, you set the file path in the module settings. Thus, if you would like to use another file, you have to copy the module with a different name to assign it to a different csv files. Since I would have potentially a lot of different csv files, I thought it would be more convenient to have a single copy of the module and an option for choosing different files directly in the article editor. I informed Artetics about my idea and guess what - Artetics wrote a plug-in that does the work and gave me for free, and indeed it works as I wished. Great support.