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byecrespo, October 3, 2012
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Trying it on a fresh 2.5 install and it simply does not work, whatever configuration it's set.
It outputs a complete mess.
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What problem you faced? its working fine for others!

byecrespo, July 24, 2012
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RSS Marquee
As expected from this developer, there is no documentation, and support is straight comment thread.

This does not work with blogger rss feeds. No comment...

Please, try to keep JED out of this kind of amateur programming and service.
Owner's reply

Hi ecrespo,

Thank you for the information. Yes, this module is not supporting blogger feed (Only blogger feed). it support all other standard feeds except blogger. blogger using their own structure, that's why it's not working in this module. Please use the updated copy. it will support all standard RSS feed (Standard meaning feed should contain title tag).

If you have any doubt or suggestion. please post your comments in this page or demo page. i will check and reply immediately.

byecrespo, July 19, 2012
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Nice extension to allow guest and users put some reviews of your website.
But it is very interesting because you can think of it as a lite and straight question and answers component, as i did for a client website. And this is great, because most of Q&A components out there are commercial and full of features that are not very useful if you are going to have non-geek users for your website.

Put message -> answer messages (with ACL support). Yeah! Keep it simple, great work. Promisiong extension indeed.

CONS: it is still a little buggy, specially in IE 7-8. But support is fast and they are updating very frequently the extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, we're glad you like VitaBook.

Indeed if you use some creativity, you can configure VitaBook as a simple Q&A component.

To our knowledge there are no bugs for IE 7 or 8 at the moment. If you've discovered any bugs please use our support forum to let us know.

byecrespo, May 19, 2011
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After a year using redshop for building up a webshop i have to review it relatively poor.

I have to recognize that indeed it is a true fully customizable extension and it has many features very useful for a webshop. There is a very active forum and you have always a quick response from redshop staff and developers.

But, and this is a great but, it does not worth the 300 bucks that it costs. Why? Simply because for 300 bucks you expect a fully finsihed product and a very easy to configure and use product.

If you are not a exprienced webmaster and developer in html / css / php; forget about this extension. To get the custom shop you have in your mind you will have to deal with templates, scripts, confusing configurations, etc. I have had to program and design many features for myself, my own custom SEO, my own templates directly in html/css, i have fixed cart problems, quote system bugs, developed custom pay gateways and possible configurations for email sending.

Great potential indeed, i have done all of that with custom results after some months of work, but... then why pay such amount of money, am i paying for my own work???

Try better a free solution and work over it then. Or simply try oscommerce or prestashop to get a quick and easy to use webshop for non-developers or webmaster users.
Owner's reply

If you arent capable of doing some html and css atleast then how did you manage to "program your own seo" etc.

You need to insert the optional tags to create the way you want to have your SEO - you dont need to know html, css or php for that or to do the configuration.

You do need to know html and css if you want to customize the templates - but unlike other systems where you need to be a php developer to do custom templates you can actually do it in redSHOP with only html and css or if your using a wyswiyg you could actually do it in tables from the editor too.

You have a freedom in redSHOP that is beyond anything else - and with that freedom comes a higher demand in configuration etc. but in all fairness then if you download one of our finished templates and follow the guide you can be running in 10 minutes - which shoulndt be that big of a challenge.