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byeddieb, February 6, 2012
i have been pleased with this extension on the whole, very easy to set up and looks good, plenty of options too!

i would like a way to create more space between the time and the track name.

are there any plans for a joomla 2.5 verion?
Owner's reply

For the layout of the songhistory you can be specified by css and link it at the configuration. See as example.
If you still have problems, send me an email to the address given at Module-Manager

byeddieb, May 30, 2011
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Yes this does what it says and was quite easy to set up although it would have been easier in english but not too difficult to work out and use.

It really needs a 'track now playing' and a 'current Artist' display, if it had these i would have probably given it an 'excellent' rating, i looked at the code to see if i could add these in but i am quite new to coding behind the scenes so couldn't work it out.

In fairness, this module does what it says it can do with relative ease, i chose this for the popup function as i couldn#t get kessef popup to display properly and i am glad that mod rar radio worked well as i was unable to find anything with a popup as good as this that worked!

Thankyou and look forward to an update or player from you guys that incorporates the above fields