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byedfeljose, February 14, 2011
Community Builder
After slow development in the 1.2.x branch, devs are now listening and providing the community with solutions. Being a FREE community building solution, CB have the capabilities and versatility (through a bunch of 3rd extension) to build any community. It is worth learning the platform because once you understand it, the possibilities are tremendous.
byedfeljose, January 17, 2011
ARTIO FusionCharts
It still miss features like chart copy or save as functions. Features asked 8 months ago and promised for next version. Next version out still those features not included. Overall could be the best charting extension for Joomla but it is not complete yet (in terms of features). There should be also capability to create categories (or sections) so users can organize charts. Thats is not possible with current version. If users do or need an extension to create lot of charts, that could be a problem. Missing categories (and sub-categories) is another limitation.

Side note, it is published or listed at JED as 1.1.0 but the download version is 1.0.1. Somehow misleading.
byedfeljose, November 1, 2010
Looks robust and promising. I notice after feed number 6, I can't add feeds. Overall I think it could be one of the best here. Articles should also have option to open in blank window...
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks but it's a shame you didn't post in the forum. I'm not sure which version you are referring to but both allow unlimited feeds to be added. For instance I have 39 in my test installation! Also, the target can be set for the trackback links - it is in the global settings. This may be moved into the per feed settings but historically it was in the global settings...

byedfeljose, June 5, 2010
I rate very good because it lacks capability to provide users permissions to create their own categories. Also, it lacks an spanish language at least for front-end. The CB tab module is supposed to be released next week.

Overall very clean and neat.
byedfeljose, February 26, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
This extension was almost abandoned after release 1.1 However developer relased version 2.0 (upgrade to 2.01) some weeks ago. Yes support have been somehow poor.

The extension itself is among the best for CB if you want to customize your site. To use it you must read carefully and understand Joomla and CB. The developer have prepared video tutorials to help the understanding of the extension.

Keep the good job and maybe better support at the forum will help.