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byedlothiad, April 22, 2013
GENOVA LinkTracker
Installation: Never been this easy. Click, enable and the program is up and running.

It took about 30 seconds to enable. And within that timeframe a visitor went to another URL (my profile on a social platform).It showed up immediatly in the graph.

Nice going! I'd really recommend this!
byedlothiad, September 17, 2012
FW Real Estate
As a professional web builder I’m confronted with specific needs of a client. In this case, a Real-estate agent working in Belgium.
As I browsed the market, FW Real Estate seemed the most obvious candidate based on both the options this component has, the many different modules and the wishes of my client.
After buying and (easy) installing this component I found out it was all it promised. No weird SQL statements at all. Just as a commercial component should be!
My client however had very specific demands, (integration of lots of custom work eg Streetview, and some other novelties on the Belgian Real-estate market). Together with Oleg from Fastw3b (developer of FW Realestate) we custom tailored the entire application.
Within 2 business days all my requested features were handled and processed. The Larger changes that weren’t present in the overall component, were custom made in a few days.
Oleg : A job well done! Nice going on the development and finishing touches. I never worked with a thirdparty developer who was this correct and straightforward in the answers and realization of the project.
In this review I want to add that this component can easily be used together with any CSS template building software. (If you want to use that of course). Together with the package I bought from I got some Style sheets to use.
If you are searching for a great component to manage the Real-estate you are offering to your clients, you really should try this one. You won’t regret it!
byedlothiad, November 18, 2011
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
First of all, It's all it promises in the summary above.
The installationproces is not that easy but it's doable for a joomla adept.
Great support from Peter! I had a few questions and he took care of it all.
I added it to my favorites and I'm gonna use it to my clients websites whenever possible.
Great work!!!
byedlothiad, November 14, 2011
Freestyle FAQs
I tried out this extension and I hit myself in the head after installing it.

Why didn't I try this one before. Install, modify, done. Very intuitive interface and lots of options for customizing.

I started talking with developer about something not related and he immediately was very eager to help out!

No remarks what so ever. IF I have to note one thing: the developer could add a front-end adding for this extension. Nevertheless, this extension should get a "Beyond-Excellent" rating, as does the developer. I've added his site and extensions to my favorites. Looking forward to seeing more extensions!
byedlothiad, April 17, 2011
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Feedback Factory
Great applet to install on your site!
Took me about 5 secs to install. Easy customising. Not that I needed it but : Great forum support!

Looking forward on hearing more of you guys!
byedlothiad, April 7, 2011

First of all: Great app you wrote there. I installed in J.1.6.1. I tried stumble, Facebook, Linked in sections as a plugin. Your app comes with a plugin and a module.

Everything is setup real fast. Great job on that part!

The only minus I found - And it's a small minus though, but I have to be complete in my review - is that with J 1.6.1 there is a space between certain icons. I saw on your forum you told your users to edit the CSS file. Well, someone reacted it might just be the php file. I'm pritty curious what you are going to answer :). (It's been 2 weeks ago).

That minor thing aside: Great app! I'm gonna incorporate it into some sites I made. Keep up the good work!
byedlothiad, March 25, 2011
To keep it simple: one of the best comps in JED!

Great job:
Easy install
Easy management
Nice options
Easy customising: Different CSS classes (even for the little picture that dispays the attachement)

You can notice this comp has been made with a lot of love! Hence I'm going to see if you made any other comps ... Sure wanna check them out to!

Keep up the good job J! (saw your name on the youtube help file)
byedlothiad, February 22, 2010
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
I installed this because I thought it was promising. Saw the demo and well, it looks nice so why not try it?

Okay, I download it. Install it, so far so good.
Install complete, a first errormessage appears on the screen. PHP Write fault at line this and so...

Okay, I contact the auther to get some support. Same day I get a reaction back. Okay, we are going to get this fixed real quick, or didn't we. The auther reacted on his forum that he updated the software. I downloaded the new version (or so he told me it was a new version), and the problem remained the same. I posted the result (phperrormsgs) on his forum again. Since then I didn't get any form of communication again.

When I wanna check out the landofcoder website I get a notification it's bandwith was exceeded. (errormsg 509). So, I wasn't able to contact him anymore.

All in all this mod looked promising. I'm still curious how it would like on my site, but because it didn't function at all I went to another mod instead.

I hope it works out fine on your site!

byedlothiad, January 20, 2010
Cache Cleaner
Works like a charm!

Install and use. It spared me lotsa time!

byedlothiad, January 9, 2010
Phoca PDF
Downloaded this component,
First, installing this thingy... Worked like a charm, just upload and ready to go.
Second, Trying to add some fonts to configure my header and footer on the pdf file. Worked great to!

In conclusion: Great app!

If I can make a suggestion, It would be GREAT if I could show the PDF icon ONLY to Registered users. And not the whole or nothingprinciple: either you place the pdf-icon either you don't. On my site, it isn't all that to be handicaped like this.

HOWEVER: what I'm asking for isn't in the standard joomla either. SO: EXCELLENT APP this Phoca PDF!!!
byedlothiad, December 12, 2009
Great app!!! Installed it, went all smoooooth....
Easy to install, easy to use. Great to customize
byedlothiad, December 9, 2009
AJAX toggler
one of the best admin speedup apps I got!