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byedmx, January 10, 2008
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Estate Agent  Improved
At first I thought it was gonna be pretty intense to understand the flow, but once I started keying in some demo entries, it was way too easy.

Bravo! Looking forward to see how it progresses.
byedmx, August 30, 2007
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Core Design Login
I always wanted to save space on login form. This one totally rocks. Works with all my other 'js' bots and modules. e.g. simple image gallery, moofx etc.

Great job. but seriously, it'll be nicer if you can port this to cb. will see what i can do.
byedmx, January 24, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
Im currently using Joomla! 1.0.12 Stable [ Sunfire ] since 25 December 2006 installed at I wanted to take down my site and work offline since its faster at localhost (share hosting, so you cant expect much).

So I backed up with just a click and downloaded it with a click too. I extracted the backup data to my localhost and setup up a new mysql account (you know to dump all your site data). Then I pointed to localhost/xxxx/installation and followed the page (like normal installation). It works like wonder. Time taken, 2 minutes at 12 seconds.

Word of advise, to eases your transplanting project, remember to have your password, database, user of database exactly the same as the site. Saves headache.

Thank you developer for such a wonderful piece of work!