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byedomar2r, June 6, 2014
Unite Responsive Tile Gallery
Is very simple to use and it works, very good extension.Is clean and is what I was looking for.
byedomar2r, September 19, 2013
My name is edwin, after purchasing I had some little issues but the developer help me to get them resolved. I would recommend this extension since is very useful for small and big events, easy to use and I could not find anything better.
byedomar2r, June 12, 2013
n3t Coming Soon
Tried getting a template just to have say coming soon. This plug in made everything so much easier, I like the option of adding an IP so the site will be accessible from there while everybody just gets the coming soon. It works excellent and easy to configure. Thanks.
byedomar2r, April 12, 2013
BT Smart Search
spend countless days looking for a extension that would do what I needed, this extension did it for me. Thanks
byedomar2r, December 5, 2012
Social presence
Very easy to configure and a lot of options Thank you very much.
byedomar2r, August 30, 2012
I don't know why people complaint that is not worth it. Well I'm not going to deny that I spend some time figuring out the options, but when you figure it out; is an excellent extension. Simple to use in the front end and not so much in the back end, but I don't mind. Something simple to configure won't have very much flexibility, I guess you have to have some intelligence to configure it. I saw a review where the guy was complaining about the ads, all you have to do is replace the code with your own; can't miss it. It's under the D/L text tab. I like this extension better then some others out there, best of all is FREE!
byedomar2r, August 22, 2012
sp accordion
This extension saved the day. I tried 5 different modules that do the same thing but they all had conflicts with my template this one works well and I accomplished what I wanted to do. Thanks
byedomar2r, July 24, 2012
Morfeo Video
The module works perfect but I tried inserting two modules in one article but it crashes my site. It looks like it has a conflict if you put two modules in the same place but than again it may be my template but I've done the same thing with other players and it works. I like your module is easy to configure, nice looking and well layout but no go for me, is a good thing I downloaded the test version first.
byedomar2r, July 13, 2012
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Simple MP3 Player
Excellent Module! once you get it right is easy to configure plus I change the colors to match my site, thank you
byedomar2r, July 12, 2012
This is an excellent module, easy to configure and it just works. Thank you
byedomar2r, March 5, 2012
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I like this extension is simple to use and not complicated like some others. Just one thing I would like to see for the joomla version 2.5. When you click on the thumb picture it goes straight to the picture and then you have to hit the go back button and that is not very efficient, it would be nice to have open in a modal box or at least open in a new window instead in the same window.Other then that is an excellent extension.
byedomar2r, February 7, 2012
Easy Embed Video
this plug in is excellent, very easy to use paste link and go!
byedomar2r, July 8, 2011
Add FullAjax

were not in my index.php since the template maker uses a framework so I had to look for it and now my page went from loading in 3 seconds to 1 second and when navigating may page everything loads really fast no exaggeration. I thought it would not make that much difference but it does I didn't do the modules since all of them look the same in all secctions of my page.
byedomar2r, June 23, 2011
Facebook Wall Feeds
It just works. very very simple to use, had no problems with it and is not expensive.I sure beats trying to make an app for this purpose.
byedomar2r, June 10, 2011
very simple. Easy to install, enable plug in. set secret key and good to go and best of all is free.

Thank you very much.
byedomar2r, June 3, 2011
this component made my life easier, it was frustrating going back and forth and sometimes my ftp program would not connect to the server but with this I can do everything within joomla.