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byedslvsn, July 28, 2012
Something this simple to customize is really lacking in 2.5. I like what it can do for the free version, and looking at what the pro version does, I think I may be making an investment soon.

The support I got with a problem that was due to my site, not the extension, would be incredible for a paid product or paid support, I couldn't believe the extent they went to help. I recommend this to will like it.
byedslvsn, February 22, 2012
I have been one of the waiting and it is definitely worth the updated versions. Installed and set up in minutes, and immediately remembered why this was the best commenting component out there. If you are new to jcomments, don't look any further....if you gave up on waiting for the latest release, it is worth coming back home. Great Job on the new version. I love it.
byedslvsn, December 18, 2011
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This is perfect so far. I looked everywhere but this exactly what I needed. Saved me from having to download and configure many news display modules. It is a little confusing where exactly to ask a support question, but luckily I could figure out everything I needed relatively easily by reading the tooltips within the plugin more carefully. So I can't really review the support as I didn't end up needing any....yet. :)
I couldn't find it sooner! I feel like this should be the first extension for bookmarking/sharing. Most other extensions either don't have google+ or don't have fb share. The good ones all have backlinks. This one has both the plugin for your articles and the module for a position, it is easy to configure, and works great. You can chose between fb like and fb share. It used to be easier to find simple great extensions for social bookmarking for Joomla 1.5 but now this is definitely the best non commercial choice I have found.
byedslvsn, March 19, 2011
Very rare to find an extension that you are this happy with. I never buy extensions as you can always seem to find a free workaround. That being said, I wanted a solution I felt comfortable with and did not want to learn everything about FB applications to do it.

I am so happy I found this one. Any questions I have had were answered promptly and with more than enough information to solve my problems. The relationship this company has with it's customers is rare. They are completely open to suggestions, and want everyone to be happy with the product they put out, while seeming to constantly be working on making the component do everything everyone wants.

Not only do I recommend this extension I will be looking for more products from sourcecoast in the future. I was a little skeptical that this many people were saying it was great but I was wrong. The first time I got confused and didn't understand something, I was shown they are the real deal. It makes me feel pretty good spending money on a product that the developers take so much pride in. Special shout out to Alex in the forum. He really makes a great product greater.